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“Terrell Monks is a trustworthy, competent, and personable attorney. Mr. Monks handles our family trust and estate needs. It’s hard to find an attorney who will listen, then take the time to explain the law and available options. Mr. Monks is very knowledgeable and our family has trusted his guidance for years. Not only is Mr. Monks a great attorney, he is a dedicated husband and father. I recommend Mr. Monks wholeheartedly.”


“Terrell came highly recommended by the Title company that was helping to sell my Mom’s house after she died, showing that he was already well known within the business community as knowledgeable and efficient concerning the probate system in Oklahoma. He has stood up to his reputation during the entire probate process, keeping all the needed activities organized and identifying potential problems before they were able to materialize. His professionalism and that of his staff gave me the confidence that matters concerning her estate were in good hands though the entire probate process.”


“Terrell Monks served as legal representative for my father and step-mother for many years, helping them with end of life planning and various real estate transactions. When my parents passed away I was named personal representative of the estate and I called Mr. Monks for legal help. He was knowledgeable, easy to understand and comforting to me as we moved through the necessary steps. During the process, one of the relatives became unhappy with my performance as personal representative which caused me quite a bit of anxiety. Mr. Monks helped me understand exactly what my legal responsibility was and helped me separate legal requirements from emotional reactions. The estate was settled without protest and I believe everyone was satisfied. The probate process was handled effectively and efficiently.”


“Terrell Monks handled a bankruptcy for me several years ago, and recent situation arose concerning this. He and his office were prompt, attentive and handled my situation expertly. Would definitely recommend and use their services again.”


“I have had the pleasure working with Terrell Monks on several occasions. Mr. Monks gives new meaning to the word ethical attorney. He is an honest, hardworking attorney who will tell you the truth in what he can or cannot do for you. I would recommend Mr. Monks for your legal needs.”

A Satisfied Client

“You totally turned our lives around. We have something to look forward to. Our future is going to be bright. Very trustworthy, knowledgeable, and kept me informed. You were the best thing that happened to us in 20 years.”

Michael And Tina