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Oklahoma Estate Planning Clients Talking About Their Experience With Our Office

“Tessa Baker is amazing! I’ve had a great experience with this law office.”

A Satisfied Client

“You are the Poster Person that Represents the Qualities that all Attorneys should show. Not just attorneys but Maybe most professional people. I believe a lot of people’s conflicts would not be as severe if people with knowledge as yourself, were willing to share what you do Just for the Good. Don’t get the big head though just cause I say you are a Model Attorney. Thank you again.”

Jody W.

“We really appreciate all the great advice you gave us about our mom. You answered all our questions & put our minds at ease. Thank you.”

Rita, Dayla & Diana

“We thank God for you! The work you completed on Eastlake’s behalf on the lone Tracy Estate is most appreciated. After all you were able to represent lone’s estate despite COVID-19 interruptions and protests to the will.

Because of you, Eastlake Church is in a better position to support the work of Jesus Christ.”

Barbara P.

“Terrell Monks and his team were great! I hired Terrell to help me with a Trust. He explained and made the process very easy and simple. He was patient and answered all my questions. The process did not take long and my Trust was ready within a few weeks.”


“I can’t thank you enough… I wouldn’t have known where to start… how to proceed… YOU’RE A BLESSING. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! anything else you may need… let me know… I will get it to you as soon as possible… THANKS AGAIN… YOU ARE TOTALLY MY HERO THIS YEAR.”

Shawn B.

“I recently worked with Terrell Monks to finalize my uncle’s estate. Their team was incredible to work with! I’m from out of state (my uncle lived in OKC) and they managed everything flawlessly as if I was right next door. Outside of their control, there were many bumps along the way, bumps that normally would have caused me headache, confusion and even longer delays. Plus, in the middle of everything the US was struck with a pandemic (COVID-19) which caused many businesses to stop working. But, none of that stopped them from providing incredible service. – Their team leaned in and took control through very difficult times, making my experience simple and easy. I highly recommend their team. They were professional, quick to respond and easy to interact with from the very beginning.”

Casey S.

“I truly appreciate Mr. Monks and his ability to counsel and guide with wisdom through difficult circumstances. He was a true blessing to me and my situation and I am very grateful.”

Ms. Pety

“My case was difficult and complicated, but Terrell did a wonderful job at furnishing the information I needed to make critical decisions. I highly recommend him. I felt he truly cared and did everything to bring to my attention the information I needed.”

Linda P.

“Tessa and Marcie offered an excellent service team!”

David H.

“Mr. Monks has helped us out tremendously. He went above and beyond to help us out with an insurance situation. We would recommend him to anyone needing help.”

Wayne And Sue

“I am so thankful for the help from the group at Terrell Monks office, especially Marcie Winfrey. This has been a very hard time in my life but, Marcie and her co-workers are so knowledgeable about their profession they did all the work for me so I could concentrate on other things that needed my attention. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Deanna T.

“Thank you for your help. You are a blessing and an answered prayer!”

Melissa C.

“I enjoyed working with Mr. Monks and Ms. Chapman! They recently set up my Trust. They answered all of my questions in a professional manner, I attended one of their free workshops and most of my questions were answered there. I would definitely recommend their services!!”

Novelle W.

“I highly recommend his seminars. I attended one and was impressed with his expertise. I am making an appointment with T. Monks to help me with my estate planning. He is the one who made me feel safe and secure about my estate and finances.

Thank you Terrell Monks.”

Svetlana S.

“I want to express my sincere thanks to lawyer Terrell Monks and the lady who served as my translator. I have known them for many years and sometimes for myself, or at the request of my acquaintances, I have to turned to Terrell with my legal questions. I have never been left without an answer and have always been advised how to proceed. I am very grateful for their understanding, help and good advice. I am very pleased with the resolution of problems in my last case on probate of property. Everything went and was handled in a timely manner. Thank you very much to Terrell and also my translator. Good luck and great success to you !!!!! Thank You!”

Galina M.

“I thank my friends who recommended a lawyer to me, Terrell Monks. I believe that my business was not easy but Terrell Monks did more work than I could have imagined and what he was charged with. He always defended my interests, applying to this all his possibilities.

His style of work is sociable, honest, accurate and attentive. I am grateful to fate that in my life and my case was lawyer Terrell Monks. I was pleased to work with him because he is a professional in his field, a responsible lawyer and a great person.”

A Satisfied Client

“My name is Rose Greasley on behalf of my brother William E. Connell, I would like to recommend Mr. Monks for any legal advice or representation in any legal matter you may have. Mr. Monks is a professional and hardworking to your cause. We hired him to represent us in our case with DHS for my brother approval for Medicaid which he was initially denied. Mr. Monks proved to be the driving force in getting my brother’s approval for his Medicaid. His professionalism and respect for the social worker and all the staff at DHS and the judge was unpresented. He was kind and compassionate and fully prepared me for the meeting with the DHS judge. He explained the legal process in a way that a layperson could understand, without being condescending. My gratitude to Mr. Monks is everlasting. I don’t think things would have gone our way if Mr. Monks had not representative my brother. I don’t think I would have gotten the approval. Mr. Monks credentials are impeccable. He graduated from Oklahoma City University Law School, his legal training and expertise are evident with his interactions with DHS staff and judge. For potential clients seeking legal representation, I highly recommend Mr. Monks.”

Rose G.

“Mr. Monks helped with the estate of my father-in-law. Mr. Monks is an incredible man with unquestionable ethics. If you are in need of an attorney to help with probate, you should absolutely hire Mr. Monks.”

Ann M.

“When my father died, I was executor of his estate. I hired a lawyer to help me through probate, but unfortunately that lawyer proved to be incompetent and I needed to find another attorney.

Then an acquaintance told me of Terrell Monks. I hired Mr. Monks to finish the process of probate and was very happy with the decision. Mr. Monks handled everything very professionally and efficiently, and despite the circumstances I can say it was actually a pleasant experience, especially when compared to the mess caused by the bungling incompetence of the first attorney I’d originally hired.

Going through probate taught me that I should have an estate plan for myself, so my family will avoid unnecessary problems after my death. I asked Mr. Monks to establish a trust for me, and he very patiently explained the process and did all the paperwork required. I learned that trusts are not only for wealthy people, but also for ordinary people like myself.

Since that time I’ve had to make some modifications to the original trust, and once again Mr. Monks did all the work necessary to update the trust and ensure that my estate will be handled in accordance to my wishes.

It gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing that when I die, my family will avoid many of the unnecessary complications of probate, because of the trust Mr. Monks set up for us.

I would recommend Terrell Monks to any of my friends and family who need legal services. I’ve been very satisfied with the work he’s done for me.”

J. Haynes

“Terrell Monks is a trustworthy, competent, and personable attorney. Mr. Monks handles our family trust and estate needs. It’s hard to find an attorney who will listen, then take the time to explain the law and available options. Mr. Monks is very knowledgeable and our family has trusted his guidance for years. Not only is Mr. Monks a great attorney, he is a dedicated husband and father. I recommend Mr. Monks wholeheartedly.”


“Terrell came highly recommended by the Title company that was helping to sell my Mom’s house after she died, showing that he was already well known within the business community as knowledgeable and efficient concerning the probate system in Oklahoma. He has stood up to his reputation during the entire probate process, keeping all the needed activities organized and identifying potential problems before they were able to materialize. His professionalism and that of his staff gave me the confidence that matters concerning her estate were in good hands though the entire probate process.”


“Terrell Monks served as legal representative for my father and step-mother for many years, helping them with end of life planning and various real estate transactions. When my parents passed away I was named personal representative of the estate and I called Mr. Monks for legal help. He was knowledgeable, easy to understand and comforting to me as we moved through the necessary steps. During the process, one of the relatives became unhappy with my performance as personal representative which caused me quite a bit of anxiety. Mr. Monks helped me understand exactly what my legal responsibility was and helped me separate legal requirements from emotional reactions. The estate was settled without protest and I believe everyone was satisfied. The probate process was handled effectively and efficiently.”


“Terrell Monks handled a bankruptcy for me several years ago, and recent situation arose concerning this. He and his office were prompt, attentive and handled my situation expertly. Would definitely recommend and use their services again.”


“I have had the pleasure working with Terrell Monks on several occasions. Mr. Monks gives new meaning to the word ethical attorney. He is an honest, hardworking attorney who will tell you the truth in what he can or cannot do for you. I would recommend Mr. Monks for your legal needs.”

A Satisfied Client

“You totally turned our lives around. We have something to look forward to. Our future is going to be bright. Very trustworthy, knowledgeable, and kept me informed. You were the best thing that happened to us in 20 years.”

Michael And Tina

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