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Rose G.

“My name is Rose Greasley on behalf of my brother William E. Connell, I would like to recommend Mr. Monks for any legal advice or representation in any legal matter you may have. Mr. Monks is a professional and hardworking to your cause. We hired him to represent us in our case with DHS for my brother approval for Medicaid which he was initially denied. Mr. Monks proved to be the driving force in getting my brother’s approval for his Medicaid. His professionalism and respect for the social worker and all the staff at DHS and the judge was unpresented. He was kind and compassionate and fully prepared me for the meeting with the DHS judge. He explained the legal process in a way that a layperson could understand, without being condescending. My gratitude to Mr. Monks is everlasting. I don’t think things would have gone our way if Mr. Monks had not representative my brother. I don’t think I would have gotten the approval. Mr. Monks credentials are impeccable. He graduated from Oklahoma City University Law School, his legal training and expertise are evident with his interactions with DHS staff and judge. For potential clients seeking legal representation, I highly recommend Mr. Monks.”

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